Risk and Crisis Management

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Risk and Crisis Management


Many safety workers need to know the methodology for assessing risks, how to classify them, how to set priorities … With this course, we confirm the quality of training and mastery of risk assessment for each trainee and trainee.

If you are looking for a resounding success in your goals based on scientific thought and practical experience to be able to manage risks and crises efficiently and effectively?*

* Join us at Asmaa Academy to achieve excellence and excellence in your professional and scientific career.

Enroll now for our intensive course titled “Risk Management”, which aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to deal with risks effectively in different work environments.
The course will cover the concepts and basics of risk management, risk management strategies, and the development of effective response plans.

Emphasis will also be placed on modern tools and techniques in risk analysis and assessment.

Course Details:
– Location: Online.
– Duration: 5 days.
– Date: 24/06/2024.

Course Themes

• The concept of occupational safety and health and its importance locally and internationally
• Risk management according to International Standard ISO31000:2018
• The concept of occupational safety and health culture and indicators for assessing safety culture
• Factors affecting behavior “individual, functional and organizational
• Recognize the risks and the importance and development of emergency procedures and local legislation
• Principles and practices of risk assessment
• Definition and objectives of risk assessment and types of accidents
• Risk assessors and risk assessment criteria
• Risk assessment procedures and adequacy of risk controls
• Hazard recognition and classification
• Principles of control and control to reduce risk
• Audit and inspection of the occupational safety and health system
• Accident investigation


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